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Music Projects

7th Grade Fall-2012 "Pumpkin Song"


8th Grade Original Song - Christmas 2012 (lyrics formed from K-2 Christmas Interview answers)




5th Grade 2012 Parody of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night"


"Last Christmas Eve"


Extra covers on my bed

And a cap to warm my head

Presents all under the tree

What did mom and dad get me?

We went shopping in the snow

And I got a brand new bow

We put presents in a box

And put candy in some socks


I’m a good giv – er

I won’t be bit – ter,

School’s out!


Stacking pre – sents tall

Is what we are all

About… Yeah!


Last Christmas eve

We put gifts under the tree

Grandma sang a song with me

While my mom made us some tea

Last Christmas eve

We went to the bakery

Then we bought some past-a-ries

And we ate them all with glee

Last Christmas eve

Got my presents really cheap

We watched Frosty on TV

Couldn’t wait to go to sleep

Last Christmas eve

There was reindeer on the roof

But I still don’t have the proof


This Christmas eve

Do it all again


Santa wore a cap that’s red

& ate lots of pumpkin bread

Santa also had a beard

This song’s getting kinda weird

Wise men looking for the star

We put a wreath on the car

Parents came to say hello

Now we’re singing at the show







Christmas 2011


5th Grade 2011 Parody of Tim McGraw's "I Like It, I Love It"


"I Like It, I Love It...Eggnog"


Spent 2 or 3 dollars last night at the County Store

I’ve never tried eggnog, but my mom’s got a glass to pour

She’s always sayin’ that it’s sweet & delicious & yummy

I ain’t had it yet, but it hurts my tummy

I’m gonna get mad if spill it on my scarf

My 5th grade buddies said that it would make me barf,


But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

I tried so hard, I can’t rise above it!

Don’t know what it is about that milky sweet stuff

But I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!


My brother & my sister tried to get me not to drink

They didn’t even try it & they poured it down the sink

Now I’m throwin’ a fit & I’m slammin’ the door

There’s nothing you can do - I’m gonna have more

Crossin’ my fingers, countin’ every sip

Prayin’ that this taste never leaves my lips




Gotta wash my glass

And bring it to class

And get everyone to see

I’ll pour out the whole carton

I know it won’t harden

‘Cause I poured it all for me!!!!