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Instrumental Music Resources, 5th-8th Grade

Instrumental Music Resources


Justin Guitar:

This website is tried and true. Going back to the mid 2000’s, Justin has consistently put resources and time into making instructional videos for students of any skill level. His career is built on voluntary donations, and his work keeps him in business.


Useful for:

-Beginner chords, scales, and exercises.

-Song tutorials

-Various techniques for all skill levels



This website features the top 100 ukulele tabs from popular songs spanning many decades.

Useful for:

-Ukulele players of all ages and skill levels

-Chord charts for many popular tunes 

-Scales, chords, and even a tuner.



This website is my personal favorite. I use it for my own personal study, as well as for my song book/lyrics for my band. The free version still works, but the paid version is the greatest value at only $3.99 a month. I use it for my lesson studio, and I teach guitar, bass, drums, and piano using this app. MUST HAVE.

Useful for:

-Guitar, bass, drums, piano, and singing

-Beginner, intermediate, and advance players benefit from this site/app

-MANY techniques taught on this site

-Find the song you want to learn, find the highest rated version, and you’re off!



Youtube is a resource that has changed the world, and would honestly put private guitar teachers out of work if a student understands how to use it properly. I have created playlists for my students to use that include videos that are perfect for their skill levels and interests.

Useful for:

-Instrument study for all skill levels

-Play Along videos that make learning and playing fun

-Instructional videos that are clear, and easy to understand