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Distance Learning

Distance Learning Resources 2020-2021: K-8


Here are music ideas to consider for the fall semester. Many of these lessons are geared toward K-4. 5-8th can find our lessons on the Instrument Resource page. I will update this page as the year progresses. Thank you for checking out my page! – Mr. Cody


Elementary Music K-4th Grade - “Music With Lindsey”


Details: YouTube channel that is intended for kids 4th grade and below. Miss Lindsey has a short series that teaches kids music theory through song and dance. She successfully incorporates simple concepts that help kids develop a strong musical foundation.  


1.1 Music with Lindsey. Online Music Classes for Kids! (Unit 1: Lesson 1) 

1.2 Music With Lindsey. Online Music Lessons for Kids! (Unit 1: Lesson 2) 

1.3 Music With Lindsey. Online Music Lessons for Kids! (Unit 1: Lesson 3) 

1.4 Music With Lindsey. Online Music Lessons for Kids! (Unit 1: Lesson 4)


Sing Solfa - Tuneful Singing


Details: 9 Part series that takes simple songs and gestures and puts them together.   


1. Hickory Dickory Dock 

2. My Country, ’Tis of Thee 

3. The Working Man 

4. Cobble, Cobbler 

5. Johnny Works With One Hammer 

6. John The Rabbit 

7. My Four Voices 

8. No More Pie 

9. Days Of The Week


Folk Songs for Kids

Details: Playlist of classics for kids that involve simple melody and diverse time signatures.


Instrument Families

Details: Instrument family research! Can you name 3 instruments from the different instrument families? Which is your favorite?


Youtube Playlist of videos that explore different musical genres and music 

Details: Ask kids questions such as: What is your favorite decade of music from the video? What changes did you notice through the evolution of music?


Musicals for Kids

Details: Studies show that singing positively affects the brain, and the number one way to get your kid sing is to make the familiar with the songs they like. Live musicals, or musicals in movie form are an incredible way to get your kids into good storytelling done through song and dance. The link below lists a compilation of great musicals that are appropriate for kids!


Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+


Details: Each of these streaming services offer different resources that would be great at home. Concerts and musicals are a great way to engage kids! Check rating prior to showing, as some musicals and concerts would not be appropriate for children, but there are many that engage kids in an incredible way.



-The Sound of Music

-The Newsies

-Hamilton (Parental Guidance Suggested)

-High School Musical



-Shrek The Musical (PG, some language)

-Fiddler on the Roof

-West Side Story

-Mary Poppins Returns

-Joseph, King of Dreams


Prime Video

-Les Miserables (Mature themes, PG-13, Parental Guidance Suggested)

-Guys and Dolls

-Hamilton: One Shot to Broadway

-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

-The Greatest Showman (PG, Parental Guidance Suggested)


(Prime is the ideal streaming service to rent movies)